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Sound Level Meter (Type 6236)

Approx Price: Rs 2.57 Lakh / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Brand: Castle

World's first “0-dB measurement-function”

By employing the original DSP technology, which eliminates the self-noise of the microphone with preamplifier, the lower limit of measurement has been drastically extended to lower than 0 dB-SPL. Linearity range, extended to 100 dB in the usual state, further expands to that corresponding to the measurement range 80dB(A) by holding the 0-dBfunction in ON position.It enables to measure ultra-low sound pressure level, so displaying its greatest power as inthe quietness measurement of, or tone quality evaluation of, various silent-type IT/O equipments, as well as in the measurement of air-conditioning noise or sound isolation in a concert hall with ambient noise below NC-20.

Castle 6224 (Class-1) Sound Level Meters

Approx Price: Rs 2.3 Lakh / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Brand: Castle

Castle Sound Level Meters Specification for Castle 6224 (Class 1)

Measuring noise really does not have to be complicated, even for the novice, and the Castle 6224 (Class 1)Integrating sound level meter is designed with this in mind.The meter is ideally equipped for carrying out Noise at Work Risk Assessments, as well as the majority of environmental survey work. The range of parameters measured, the wide measuring capability of the meter and the ease of use, mean that this equipment is suitable for anything from aircraft noise to lawnmower design, and from construction sites to laboratories.Noise at Work Measurements The Castle 6224 provides the essential measurements required by the Control of Noise at Work Regulations2006, including Leq (equivalent continuous level) in ‘A’ and ‘C’ weightings, and Cpeak. The meter candata-log any of these parameters in up to 10,000 data-memories, making it more than powerful enough for the task in hand.Environmental Monitoring Also ideally suited to environmental monitoring, the Castle 6224 can measure 5 selectable percentile values and sound exposure (LE). Most environmental measurements require Leq and L90 plus possibly one or two other measurements. These can all be measured simultaneously with the Castle 6224 and data-logged into its 10,000 data-point memory.Multi-purpose Measurement Many sound measuring tasks require the measurement of Leq (equivalent continuous level), Lmax (Maximum rms level), LE (Sound Exposure) or percentiles,and all of these can be completed using the Castle 6224 with its accessories.Operation The Castle 6224 (Class 1) Integrating Sound Level Meter has an easy to follow menu system and clearly marked keys, all designed to make the meter simple-to-use. The back-lit LCD display is also very clear with large figures and a quasi-analogue display bar to show the changes in sound level as they happen.

• Equivalent continuous level (Leq)
• 5 user selectable percentile values (Ln)
• Wide Linearity range of 90dB
• RS232 for data output to optional software
• Memory storage for 10,000 datapoints
• Back-lit LCD display
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 6224

Sound Level & Noise Exposure Meter

Sound Level & Noise Exposure Meter

There are a number of system packages available to suit many applications from simple tasks such as alarm monitoring, to a fully weatherproof system for long-term environmental solutions, there are also dedicated packages for Noise at Work requirements.

The flagship model of the Pocket Sonus Meter range is the class one Sonus GA116L which is a full data logging, integrating sound and noise exposure meter (dose meter) which has been designed for both Noise at Work assessments and Environmental Sound monitoring.

Simply unplug the sound meter pre-amplifier and plug in the dose meter cable which is available as an optional accessory to convert to a fully functional dose meter.

It has the capability to combined sound and dose meters with time and date stamped data logging.

The meter features dual measurement, so two versions of most parameters can be measured simultaneously. This feature means you only need to measure once and for Noise at Work assessments you’ll have the correct parameters recorded to determine suitable hearing protection using the HML method, a function available in dBdataPro software. Connectivity is via high speed USB and the meter ships with free noise analysis software dBdataPro-Lite and download cable.

Features :

  • Measures Lp, Leq, Lmax, LE, Pa2h, Lep’d, Dose,
  • Dose Per Hour, L10, L90, L(user)
  • Measures parameters simultaneously including LAeq and either LZeq or LCeq
  • Under range and Overload indicators
  • Hearing Protection using the HML method
  • User selectable Exchange rate, Threshold and Criterion level.
  • User Modes: Noise at Work, Environmental or ALL
  • A, C or Z frequency weighting selection
  • A, C or Z Peak Measurements
  • ‘Slow’, ‘Fast’ and ‘Impulse’ time weighting selection
  • Save results to internal flash memory
  • Download data to a PC via a USB connection
  • Noise Analysis Software included with the meter
  • Small and light weight, fits into small shirt or jacket pocket and also supplied with a strong pocket clip.
  • Lockable Key pad through options
  • Single battery operation of typically 12 hours

Noise Dosimeter - dBadge2

Noise Dosimeter - dBadge2

Ideal for making noise exposure measurements, the dBadge2 is a shoulder worn dose meter that measures all workplace noise parameters simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Airwave software to check monitoring remotely
  • Multiple ‘simulated’ dosimeters
  • Full colour display
  • Motion Sensing
  • 1 second time history profiling
  • Pause function
  • Measures all noise dose parameters simultaneously



  • Complete shift exposure measurements
  • Task based measurements
  • Measurements in accordance with CFR 1910.95 (USA), ISO9612:2009, L108 Controlling Noise at Work.
  • Selection of hearing protection


Technical Specification

Linear Operating Range

55.0-140.3 dB (A) RMS

Peak Measurement Range

90.0-143.3dB (C or Z weighted)

Sound Exposure Range

0.0- 6,100.0 Pa2Hours

Frequency Weightings

A, C and Z, Type 2

Operating Temperature Range

0°C to +40°C (for <±0.5dB error limit)

-10°C to +50°C (for <±0.8dB error limit)

Ambient Pressure Range

<±0.5dB over 85 - 112kPa,

Humidity Range

<± 0.5dB over 30% - 90% (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature Range

-10°C to +50°C


Internal NiMH, 800mAH

Sound Intensity Inspector CAE

Sound Intensity Inspector CAE

The "Intensity Inspector Sound Power" determines sound power levels of noise sources using sound intensity measurements according to DIN EN ISO 9614-2 and sound pressure levels at workstations according to DIN EN ISO 11201, 11202 and 11205. This sound power information DIN EN ISO 9614 is required e.g. for the CE identification for machines. The easy-to-use software guides you with image and text through the standardized sound power measurement, so that even unexperienced users can perform the acoustic measurement correctly.



  • Tablet incl. Intensity Inspector Sound Power Software
  • NI DSA hardware e.g. NI USB 9234
  • Intensity probe e.g. G.R.A.S or other types



The Intensity Inspector Sound Power software guides the user step-by-step through a standard measurement. An application-oriented and user-friendly interface guarantees a fast and flawless operation. Criteria for determination of accuracy class are being monitored through the measurement so that faulty measurements are avoided. The test sequence as well as the automatically generated report layout can be customized to your application needs.

  • Measuring according to DIN EN ISO 9614-2
  • Determination of sound pressure levels of work stations compliant with DIN EN ISO 11201, 11202 and 11205
  • Easy probe calibration with validation of sound intensity and determination of pressure-residual intensity index
  • Free configuration of head data and test sequence
  • Free Geometry tool for creating hull planes
  • Import of pictures and drawings
  • Automated reporting with customizable templates

Environmental Sound Analyzer dBAir

Environmental Sound Analyzer dBAir

It brings the power of wireless technology to sound measurement. From one button, all your measurement results are on your fingertips - plug the meter in and simply copy a csv file to your computer.

Measuring environmental noise often involves working in bad weather and at difficult locations during unsociable hours. The instrumentation employed needs to be tough, weatherproof, designed for the purpose and easy to use. With every Castle dBAir Environment Assessment System you’ll find exactly that.

Specifically designed to help you with assessments to BS4142, site noise survey reports, local authority complaint measurements and much more, these dBAir Environment Assessment Systems are the result of nearly 50 years of knowledge and experience with noise in the environment.



  • No Wires, No Software, No Waiting
  • Audio Recording
  • Instant Hearing Protection Selection
  • Octave and 1/3 Octave Capability
  • Instant CSV file from dBAir
  • Multi Language
  • Secure, instant & globally available data by The Castle Cloud




  • Noise at Work Assessments
  • Exposure Assessments
  • Factory Noise Mapping
  • Octave Band Hearing Protection Assessments
  • Noise Control Effectiveness
  • SNR & HML Hearing Protection Assessments
  • Litigation Defence


Although Hearing Protection Assessments can be carried out using SNR and HML, the addition of 1/1 Octave Band Analysis provides the user with the most accurate method possible ensuring staff are properly protected.

4-20Ma Alarm Module for Condition Monitoring

Product Details:
  • Brand: Meggitt
  • Model: iT401
  • Displays: 7-segment LED

The iT401 is the first alarm module designed to work with any 4-20mA loop-powered device and/or the iT Series sensor signal-conditioning modules, providing easily-programable relay activation for use in condition-based monitorinng or process control. Digital technology, along with simple face-panel push-buttons and a bright digital display means never having to open the unit to alter setpoints. Memory allows user to decide to keep changes permanently, or restore manufacturer defaults.


  • 35 mm DIN rail mount
  • Front-panel tactile membrane switches
  • Front-panel 7-segment LED displays
  • TBUS connection to iT Series modules
  • Digital processing
  • Relays have over 2,000 VAC isolation
  • Mounts adjacent to iT Series transmitter modules
  • External alarm contacts for signal or BOV faults
  • Alternate direct 4-20mA signal input


  • No need to make external wiring connections to other iT Series modules
  • Front-panel switches give access to all settings
  • No need to open case to change alarm settings
  • Alarm relays can directly control AC or DC loads
  • Relay high voltage isolation protects module circuits
  • Front panel digital display of input loop level during running conditions
  • Front panel digital display of alarm setpoints during programming setup
  • Can be used with any 4-20mA loop signal or sensor
  • Has capability to activate/reset any relay based on errors (such as loss of 4-20mA signal or iT Series communication)
  • LED displays operate faster than LCD(liquid-crystal) displays, are brighter, and operate over entire industrial temperature range


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